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Periodontal Therapy

Charlotte Periodontal Therapy

Fighting Gum Disease in Eastover

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is a bacterial infection of the gums that can lead to serious issues like tooth loss if not taken care of. Gum disease is a common issue amongst adults over the age of 30, and should be dealt with quickly due to the negative impact that it can have on other areas of your body and health.

At Smile Moore Dental, Dr. Moore and his team are well-trained to help with any gum disease issue you may be suffering with to keep your oral health optimal. Give us a call to learn how you can get the treatment you need today.

Root Planing & Scaling

Quality Root Planing & Scaling

Does it look like you have hardened plaque near your gumline? You may need to come in for a root planing and scaling treatment.

Root planing and scaling is the process of removing hardened plaque buildup and tartar at the base of your gums and underneath the gum line to help your gums remain attached to your teeth. We use a metal tip to gently remove the hardened material and a water spray to clean the area in between scrapings.

CariFree Treatment in Eastover

Are you nervous about your inflamed or bleeding gums? Scared you may have early-onset symptoms of gum disease? Don’t be. We have treatments to help.

To combat bone loss and mitigate various symptoms of gingivitis, we also offer CariFree treatments. CariFree is a revolutionary treatment that helps patients maintain a healthy smile by eliminating the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.

With CariFree treatments, patients will use either the brand’s gel or rinse to correct any pH imbalance in the mouth and fight problem-causing bacteria.

Preventing Cotswold Periodontal Disease

We are committed to patient health— especially when it comes to something as serious and common as gum disease.

That’s why our team is dedicated to making sure that you have the treatment options you need to take care of your gums, no matter how “minor” or severe your situation is.