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Composite Bonding

Eastover Tooth Bonding

Fixing Chipped Teeth in Cotswold

Did you know that smile imperfections can affect more than your confidence? It can also affect your overall health!

At Smile Moore Dental, we offer dental bonding as an alternative to other cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers or crowns. Dental bonding involves building up the enamel on your teeth with a custom-made composite resin, which can be done in as little as one visit! It’s a quick, easy, and safe way to get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

The Process

How it Works

When you come in for your dental bonding visit, Dr. Moore will:

  • Color – The doctor will first ensure that the bonding resin is an exact match to your natural teeth.
  • Cover – Then, he will apply the tooth-colored resin material onto the surface of your tooth to cover up any cracks or other imperfections on the enamel.
  • Dry – Next, the material is then hardened by placing it under a special light for several minutes which allows it to cure into place permanently within minutes!

Dr. Moore and the team have multiple years of experience with bonding. That means, as a patient, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands!

Beautify Your Smile with Bonding

If you have a cracked tooth or are unhappy with the color of your teeth, dental bonding can be used to create a more natural-looking smile for you. Other benefits of dental bonding include:

  • It’s Comfortable – The dental bonding material is designed to fit snuggly onto your teeth, so it won’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all once the treatment is finished.
  • It’s Inexpensive – Dental bonding only costs a fraction of what other forms of cosmetic dentistry costs (such as veneers) and usually takes less time than other procedures, too!
  • It’s Effective – Dental bonding can fix chipped teeth or fill in gaps between teeth, making your smile look even better!