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Do You Have A Bite Problem?

Do You Have A Bite Problem?

If you often feel that your bite is uncomfortable, or notice that your teeth have begun to appear flat or worn, you could have an underlying bite problem. Often called TMJ, bite problems are clinically known as temporomandibular disorders. They are the result of an imbalance somewhere in the jaw joints or the bite.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, the joint connecting the lower jaw, and the skull. This joint can be prone to dysfunction if there are concerns related to jaw structure, tooth position or malocclusion; and other factors affecting its function.

When the TMJ is not functioning naturally or properly, you will likely experience discomfort as a result of increased muscle tension. Symptoms of a TMJ disorder can include headaches, ear pain, jaw pain, or a jaw that clicks or pops, especially when chewing. Dr. Moore will also look for the less obvious signs of a problem such as recurring tooth damage, worn teeth, and even periodontal disease. Many of these symptoms are the result of teeth grinding which commonly occurs in patients with a TMJ disorder.

A TMJ disorder can wreak havoc on your dental health and even your quality of life her time if it goes untreated. Resolving a bite problem and dysfunction in the jaw joints can relieve your discomfort, restore a balanced bite and support your long-term dental health.

Why Choose Dr. Moore for TMJ Therapy?

The integrity of your results with TMJ treatment can be related to the expertise of your dentist. Also their ability to evaluate the function of the bite and provide personal dental care. Dr. Moore has many hours of post-graduate training on occlusal disorders and the treatment of bite problems.

A Dawson Academy member, Dr. Moore has an in-depth knowledge of how all aspects of the bite interact, especially the jaw joints. He works with patients to analyze their bite. Then he offers treatment options that address the underlying problem for a stable and successful outcome.

Resolve Your Bite Problems

Do you have dental concerns about your oral health or the function of your bite? Dr. Moore welcomes new patients and can help you restore your dental health. Schedule a visit to our Charlotte dental office to explore your treatment options for a TMJ disorder.