Meet Charlotte NC Dentist Durning Moore DMD

Meet Your Dentist in Charlotte, NC: Dr. Durning Moore, D.M.D.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that, because what the world needs is people that have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

Trust. Ease. Comfort. Care. These are all elements that come naturally to Dr. Durning Moore. It’s no surprise that many feel at ease in his presence with his quick wit, laid back attitude and humble nature. Although he is a dentist by trade, he is staggeringly much more than that.

A native of Charleston, Dr. Moore has a deep connection to his Carolina roots. An outdoorsman at heart, he enjoys his time in nature. He recalls that as a youngster, outside was where his true home lied. Whether that was fishing by the creek, playing sports year round, hiking or simply mowing his neighbors lawns.

Traveling is also a passion of his, as he gained a unique perspective, more vibrant than the one he had before. “When I became an adult, making the decision to travel was one of the best ones I’ve made. I got to see how other people lived and appreciate those from other walks of life. That has really helped me connect with my patients. Connection  is very important to me.”

As a family man, he continues to engage in the same rituals. He and his wife Natalie are active members of their local church. When not out and about, you will surely find Dr. Moore relaxing outside, cold brew in hand, smoking a mean piece of brisket, expertly seasoned and prepared.

The unfolding of Dr. Moore’s story as a dental practice owner is an intriguing one. The day that he signed the papers to purchase his practice he learned from his wife that he was going to be a dad. To Dr. Moore this was a beautiful moment, moving from one up level to the next.

He explained that “All at once I felt an immense responsibility. On one hand I felt scared, yet on the other I felt like the luckiest guy alive. It was just the best feeling in the world knowing that I had this privilege to not only do what I love for my patients, but to also be a dad. That day will be a day that I never forget.” Today, he is a proud father of a beautiful boy, James.

Dr. Moore has strong principles that he abides by. Principles that are defined by his dedication to deliver his care excellently and exquisitely. His artistic craft is a monumental part of who he is, having been exposed to the wonders of dentistry from a young age.

When asked what it is that he loves about this career of choice, he casually explains “This is a what I love to do. The practice of dentistry is in many ways therapeutic to me. I love to use my hands to create, to heal. There is nothing more rewarding.”

His passion for dentistry and his devotion to community is what drives him to excel beyond what is considered acceptable in the dental realm. Dr. Moore has completed several continuums and has received numerous accolades as he continues to expound upon his dental knowledge and skill. 

Dr. Moore has travelled abroad to volunteer his time to provide dental care to those in need. He has also volunteered locally in an effort to support his community.

Often times we look at what we do for a living as just a “job”. To Dr. Durning Moore, dentistry is substantially more. Dentistry is an art, a science, a way to express his love of life. He gets to heal, to create, to connect. “I am always learning, I am always seeking a way to enhance my skills.

To me, learning is growing. And if you are not growing, you are dying. I will always do what is best for my patients, because that is what I feel is my life’s purpose – to be a healer”