Dentist Matthews, NC

Charlotte Center for Complete Dentistry is home to Dr. Durning Moore, a highly educated, Dawson trained dentist. He is also a passionate dentist that believes in establishing trust by getting to know each patient and their unique oral health needs. This allows him to give each patient the personalized dental care they need to help prevent diseases and maintain a healthy smile.

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No matter what kind of dental care you need, whether it’s preventive, restorative, or cosmetic, we have a solution for you. Dr. Moore is currently welcoming new patients from Matthews, NC to experience the individualized dentistry he offers.

Dr. Moore Practices Complete Dentistry

Through the Dawson Academy, Dr. Moore learned about the philosophy of providing complete dentistry to patients. Jaw joints, teeth, gums, and muscles must work together for proper oral health and comfort of the patient.

Using the complete dentistry philosophy, Dr. Moore does not just focus on individual teeth, he evaluates the entire masticatory system to make sure everything it working together, correctly.

In doing this, he is able to find the root cause of dental issues. Instead of just fixing broken teeth, he will look for the cause and address that issue as well as restore the tooth.

Preventive Dental Care for Your Entire Family

Charlotte Center for Complete Dentistry is a family dentist office that offers general dentistry services for patients of all ages. Dr. Moore recommends that every patient visit his office every six months, even children.

These routine visits along with a good daily oral hygiene routine are the best ways to maintain a healthy smile for life. These habits will help prevent dental problems from developing.

If you do happen to have any issues such as tooth decay, Dr. Moore will be able to diagnose it in the early stages when treatment is more conservative. Other general dentistry treatments we offer include:

Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

Many of the aesthetic concerns you have with your smile can be corrected with a cosmetic dental treatment. Dr. Moore offers his patients from Matthews, NC cosmetic dentistry treatments that are both highly effective and affordable.

Not only can these treatments improve the appearance of your smile, but they can also support your long term dental health and functionality of your teeth.

Dr. Moore can realign crooked teeth, brighten stained or yellow teeth, reshape teeth that are crooked and uneven, close gaps in between teeth, and fix a chipped tooth. The treatments we offer to correct almost any cosmetic concerns include:

Restore Damaged or Missing Teeth

Dr. Moore also offers his patients from Matthews, NC restorative dental care. If you have missing or damaged teeth, he can restore your smile using personalized treatments.

Restoring missing or damaged teeth is very important to maintaining your long term oral health. Even one missing tooth can cause other surrounding teeth to shift, affecting the structure and stability of your bite. Damaged teeth should also be fixed as soon as possible to avoid even further damage and progression.