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Dentures & Partials An Overview

Dr. Durning Moore offers tooth replacement options in Charlotte, NC to address the dental health needs and aesthetic goals of patients. Whether you have several, a full arch or a complete set of missing teeth, restoring your smile with the right solution will give back your quality of life.

Dr. Moore can work with you on an individual basis to assess your needs, recommend appropriate restorative treatment options, and restore the function of your smile. He places all types of dentures, including implant-secured dentures and dental bridges. Using the Dawson Academy principles of Complete Dentistry, he thoroughly evaluates all aspects of your smile and seeks to identify any underlying concerns that could compromise a long term result.

dentures and implant dentures in Charlotte, NC
Today’s dentures have evolved dramatically when compared to those worn a generation ago. Advancements in materials, implant dentistry and new technology for treatment planning have improved comfort, function and aesthetics for patients. A new denture will be made to complement your appearance, restore your ability to speak and eat with confidence and stabilize your oral health.

Implant Dentures

Securing a denture with dental implants can offer a stable, permanent tooth replacement option. Dental implants also offer some key benefits for your long term dental health, including stabilizing and minimizing the loss of bone in the jaw. An implant secured denture can provide the most natural function and appearance while boosting your smile confidence.

Implant dentures will restore normal chewing ability, enabling you to once again enjoy your favorite foods and a varied diet. There is no need for the use of adhesives to secure your denture and you can care for your new smile in much the same way you would your natural teeth. Routine dental care is also important for the best outcome, during which Dr. Moore can monitor the condition of your implants, gums and oral health.

Dentures & Partials What to Expect

The placement of a full or partial denture begins with a consultation and evaluation of your needs and goals. Dr. Moore will meet with you to perform a thorough dental exam and listen to your aesthetic goals for the appearance of your smile. If dental implants are being placed, we will work with you to coordinate the surgical phase of treatment where the titanium post is implanted into the jaw. If tooth extractions are needed, Dr. Moore may perform the procedure here in our office or coordinate care with an oral surgeon. In many cases, a temporary denture may be placed to restore function.

Dental impressions will be taken and digital diagnostics used to plan a custom denture that will fit comfortably, complement your smile and provide the most natural function possible. Our goal is to help you stabilize your dental health and to improve your quality of life with a beautiful new smile.

Once the final denture is complete, you will come in for placement or attachment to dental implants that have healed in the jaw. Dr. Moore will work with you to make any necessary adjustments for fit, comfort, and function. We will go over the care of your new denture if it is removable and discuss how to keep an implant denture healthy with daily oral hygiene.