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Family Dentistry Charlotte, NC

Dr. Durning Moore is a family dentist in Charlotte, NC and offers comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. Our practice emphasizes the importance of visiting with us at least twice a year as the foundation of lifelong oral health and wellness. Dr. Moore leads a team of dental health professionals that is dedicated to helping you and your family maintain healthy, comfortable and beautiful smiles. We believe in the value of both communication and education, practicing “relationship dentistry” so that you can make well-informed decisions about your oral health. Family dentistry aims to make dental care more convenient for busy families, offering the opportunity for everyone to be treated under the same roof.

As a local family dentist, Dr. Moore offers general, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments that will support the long term maintenance of your smile. We take the time necessary during your routine visits to get to know you as an individual and to understand the unique risk factors affecting your oral health. Preventive care visits include screening for common dental concerns such as tooth cavities, gum disease, and oral cancers. Our team will help you maintain your natural smile with dental exams and cleanings, personalized oral hygiene advice and recommendations for appropriate dental care when necessary.

family dentistry in Charlotte, NC

Preventing Tooth Decay

The prevention of tooth decay and cavities is a key component of your routine dental care and the goal of daily at-home oral hygiene. Maintaining the natural structure of your teeth for as long as possible will also support the function of your bite. Dr. Moore recommends visiting twice a year so that we can look for the early warning signs of decay. Prompt, conservative treatment for tooth decay can minimize the impact on tooth structure. We also place dental sealants to prevent decay on the larger back teeth or molars, where the multiple cusps can allow bacteria to build up and lead to decay. Dental sealants are typically placed for children when these teeth have fully erupted, but may also be recommended for adults who are prone to tooth decay.

There are lifestyle habits that can also minimize your risk for tooth decay, including a diet that is low in added sugars. Other ways to prevent decay include:

  • Rinsing the mouth with water after snacks and meals.
  • Chewing ADA approved sugar-free gum after meals.
  • Making sure there is calcium in your diet to support healthy tooth enamel.

Children’s Dental Care in Charlotte

A lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles begins at an early age. Bringing your young child to the dentist for an initial visit before their first birthday will acquaint them with our office, the care of the teeth and the importance of dental health. During these first visits, Dr. Moore will examine the development of your child’s primary teeth and the structure of their bite. As they grow, we will monitor both so that any concerns can be addressed as early as possible.

The Importance of Baby Teeth
The healthy development and maintenance of your child’s primary teeth are important for both oral and overall health. The primary teeth serve several purposes:

  • Placeholders for permanent teeth
  • Supporting speech development
  • Enabling normal chewing and a healthy diet
  • Giving your child confidence in their appearance

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