Cost of Dental Implants Charlotte, NC

Being informed about the investment required to get dental implants is an important part of the decision making process. While they are the number one solution for tooth loss, they are also the most expensive.

Dr. Durning Moore will recommend a dental implant supported prosthesis for patients that qualify but will also make sure they are aware of the investment. Our dentist in Charlotte, NC and dental care staff will work with you to navigate through the insurance and payment process.

Cos of dental implants in Charlotte, North Carolina

The cost of the dental implant treatment will vary greatly from patient to patient since no two cases will be the same. The cost to replace a single tooth will be significantly less than replacing an entire row of teeth.

You have to factor in the type of dental restoration you will need, the number of implants required to secure the restoration, and the current state of your oral health.

The Cost of Dental Implants

To determine an accurate estimate, Dr. Moore will need to do an examination of your mouth and review your medical history. Many questions will need to be answered including:

  • Where are the missing teeth located along the arch?
  • What size implant(s) will be required?
  • How many implants are needed to secure a restoration?
  • Do you have sufficient bone density to secure the implants?
  • Do you need teeth extracted?
  • Do you need other treatments such as gum disease therapy?
  • Will your insurance cover any portion of the treatment?

Dr. Moore will create a treatment plan and we will do our best to estimate the cost of your treatment. To give you an idea, the cost to replace a single tooth with one implant and a crown can be up to $5,000. The cost to replace an entire mouth of teeth will be significantly more and require a large investment.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

The entire dental implant process is very involved and invasive. It will require a surgical procedure, many visits to the dentist office, and quality materials. It will take months to complete and you will be overseen by Dr. Moore at his Charlotte dentist office throughout the process.

Compared to other options, dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. This investment will affect your oral health, overall health, and quality of life.

Will dental insurance cover dental implants?

Whether or not dental insurance covers any portion of your implants solely depends on the type of coverage you have. In most of the cases we have seen, implants are not covered.

Sometimes the cost of the crown portion is partially covered. Charlotte Center for Complete Dentistry will file the claim with your insurance and determine the amount you are responsible for.

Payment Options

We understand that the financial aspect of dental implants can be overwhelming. Our staff is here to work with you on an individual basis. For your convenience we offer many forms of payments including: cash, personal check, major credit cards and FSA/HSA dollars.

Dr. Moore also offers financing through CareCredit for patients that qualify. They offer low or no interest monthly payments that will help cover the cost of dental implants.