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Invisalign at Charlotte Center for Complete Dentistry

Dr. Durning Moore is a Charlotte, NC Invisalign® provider. He offers orthodontic treatment using the convenience of clear aligners. These custom fit trays are comfortable, discreet and effective for mild to moderate concerns. Invisalign is a leading brand of invisible aligners for teens and adults who can benefit from orthodontic treatment. This is a great choice if you don’t want the awkwardness of wearing traditional metal braces.

Dr. Moore has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of bite problems. He often recommends Invisalign treatment to reposition teeth and improve bite function. We can also provide alternative crooked teeth treatments for mild issues using cosmetic dentistry services.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign can offer you a range of lifestyle and treatment benefits to take into consideration:

  • Clear aligners are a unique hard-soft material that is comfortable and does not irritate the gums.
  • Removable aligners allow you to continue enjoying your normal diet and favorite foods.
  • You can remove your aligners for daily oral hygiene, brushing and flossing, and routine dental care.
  • Allows for the maximum removal of bacteria and plaque that can lead to decay or tooth stains.
  • Most patients will complete treatment in 12-15 months.

Am I a candidate for Invisalign?

Dr. Moore will meet with you and evaluate all aspects of your bite and dental health. Invisalign is best for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic concerns or malocclusion. Additionally, adults experiencing relapse after previously wearing braces can benefit as well!

We may recommend Invisalign to treat:

  • Over bite
  • Under bite
  • Cross bite
  • Crooked teeth

If you have a more complex bite problem, we may refer you to a local orthodontist for appropriate treatment.

Invisalign treatment in Charlotte, NC

The Invisalign Process at our Dental Office

The first step in the process for straightening your smile with Invisalign is a consultation and exam with Dr. Moore. During an Invisalign consult, we will evaluate the health of your teeth and gums, and tooth position. We will also examine the function and fit of your bite. These are all important factors that will play a role in both treatment and outcome.

If he determines that Invisalign is right for you, Dr. Moore will discuss your cosmetic goals and create a personalized treatment plan. The next step is to take digital impressions using a convenient handheld device; no gooey impression trays!

We use these impressions in conjunction with the CAD/CAM software to create precise measurements. Then we will send your unique profile and treatment specifications to the Invisalign lab.

In a couple of weeks, your series of custom set of aligners will be ready. We will reach out to you to schedule an appointment for the placement of the first set. Dr. Moore will go over your treatment schedule, including how often to change aligners and when to come in for checkups. The length of your treatment and the number of aligners you will need is based on your cosmetic goals and severity of your dental issues.

In general, you should wear your Invisalign invisible braces for at least 22 hours a day. You can take them out anytime, but do it to eat and brush only. You will need to advance to your next set of aligners every one or two weeks. Invisalign will mail you new aligners periodically, so keep to the recommended schedule.

We recommend that all patients wear a retainer for at least twice as long as they had Invisalign. It is very important to maintain tooth position and enjoy a long-term result after completing treatment.

Invisalign FAQs

Can I drink through a straw with Invisalign?

Some patients may choose to drink water through a straw while wearing Invisalign. The only drink that we know will not stain your Invisalign is water. It is important to remember not to drink soda, coffee, wine, or anything hot with your Invisalign aligner on. They can stain and alter the shape of your aligner.

Can Invisalign give you a wider smile?

Yes, our dentist can widen a narrow or small bite with Invisalign. The aligner system can expand a patient’s bite, while at the same time correcting the alignment of their bite.

How long do you leave in Invisalign?

We recommend patients to wear their Invisalign aligners for 22 hours a day for the most effective treatment results. The only time that you should remove your Invisalign aligners is to eat, drink, or clean your aligners and teeth. The more diligent patients are with wearing their aligners, the quicker the treatment times.

Get Straight Teeth with Invisalign from Dr. Durning Moore

Are you ready to straighten your teeth and correct many dental issues? Then schedule your Invisalign® consultation today by calling (704) 459-7235. You can also request an appointment online and we will promptly reach out to you. Dr. Durning Moore is your comprehensive and caring dentist in Charlotte, NC.