How Can I Protect My Child’s Teeth During Sports

With many parents, their first priority is making sure their child is protected at all times, which also includes when they play sports. While it is important for children to get an ample amount of physical activity to remain healthy, it is equally important that they remain protected while doing so.

It is important to note that accidents do happen while playing sports. Whether it is a hockey stick coming into contact with the tooth or another athlete running into your teeth or jaw, no one is immune to sports-related accidents. However, there are solutions available to reduce your risk of a sports-related injury to the teeth and jaw. One of the most common solutions to combat sport-related injuries is a custom mouthguard.

Custom Sports Mouthguards in Charolette NC

Custom Mouthguards For Sports in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte dentist Dr. During Moore offers custom mouthguards in the comfort of his office.  A custom mouthguard is designed to provide ample protection to the teeth, mouth, and jaw. Made from a flexible, durable material, a sports mouth guard can reduce the risk of knocked out and chipped teeth.

While there are many over the counter mouthguard options, nothing will fit and protect a smile like a custom made mouthguard. Charlotte dentist Dr. Moore can assess your child’s needs and create a mouthguard that fits securely and comfortably over your child’s teeth. The goal is to build a mouthguard that offers the ultimate protection against sports-related injuries.

Don’t forget to ask about customizing your new mouthguard. In many cases, a mouthguard can be customized to match team colors.

Schedule A Mouthguard Consultation

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